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i know the derby in HNA seems a little.. uhmm if i say.. off. haha. i also feel bad for the one whos at the last place. quoting nino .. "this is not interesting at alll~~" ahahaha. its ok if you were not biased to any arashi member ,, but sombody has to be on the last place. ^^;;; 

ohoku.. im only reading the manga now. havent seen any english manga trans before but now ive seen one. YAY for me. i must say i like how kou protrayed her character. fierce. this movie needs more promotion~!!!

jun dorama. based on reports ive read, i like the production cast. somebody's goingt o be overly jealous. lols. but before he said, he just want to watch her from afar just like how it is to be a fan.

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