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He is sooo deep. i always say that. whenever i read soehting about his interviews or such i always end up asking myself if its the same for me. His insights are not always the "usual" answer i hear. This guy, i think it would take time to understand him fully. ^^;; thanks for trans!


[this is good] whoah nino xD this was an interesting subject matter.. the idol facade?

often I'll be borrowing phrases too, so am I speaking from my heart, or am I just a tape recorder to be projected ideas onto? ~that sort of attitude is often what Nino has in his approach to work. I sing, act other people's words. But choosing those phrases must reveal something too.

This was good, thank you!


Thank you for translate

nino's type is hard to understand him ne. 

Nice Beam

Thank you for translating this! I've been enjoying a lot of your articles recently but haven't commentated yet :D so here I am. Well any way, I totally get where Nino is coming from!


loved it, thank you so much for your hard work T_T


Thanx a lot translating & sharing it!
Luv ya!


Thanx ^^
He is soooo entacing >_<

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