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i just want to squee over Nino's lefthandness XD i like how he uses it to make cerebal palsy into a minor difference instead of a handicap. and it's so true about it being hard in squashed places ^^


amazing amazing interview..i like this magazine a lot because the questions they direct the artists is different from the rest. Nino, how he correlates stuff and his thoughts are just great.


I love in every words he said >_<
great boy !!
Thank you for translation ne'


thank you for translate

I want age more than nino 555


thank you so much for translating =) i've read the others you've done and i know translating isn't easy, but you do a wonderful job with it. keep up the good work and many many thanks for taking the time to do it and letting others who don't necessarily speak or read japanese to understand what these boys are saying.  =)


it's cute how he said something so normal about his being a lefty. it's true.. people in my family won't really sit beside lefties when eating because their arms would bump into each other. this is an interview that i loved reading. thanks!


Hai, Thank you for translating this.

And I add you, thank for accept me back. I'm still new to Vox, and I might rarely post anything in mine, but I love to comment on others with regard to Arashi tachi related stuff. Hope it is okay, and hopefully we'll be friend nicely.


Thank youuu^ ^

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