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uwahhhh!!! i dont y am i not seeing your updates in my neighborhood.~! omigoshh.. i like this~!!!! hahaha.. deto at his house.. even though he said things like games and magic cards which are completely inseparable to him.. im kinda expecting that.. and im soo ok with that.. i can so imagine him getting cozy with his "gf" playing games and teasing each other.. UWAAAAAAH~!!! I LIKE~~! and since he said hes a complete m.. i can ask him to help me cook meals.. WAHHH~!! ok.. im getting carried away.. but i like~!!


Haha! I'd rather have a date at home too. XD Btw, I just love how Nino mentioned the pjs he wears~ An old concert costume.... XD
p.s. Hope you don't mind me adding you and thanks for translating! >w<


Also, I really do enjoy the time
I spend doing the things I like. Games and magic, work and spending
time with the other members of Arashi. They're all just as important as
the next to me. In my private time I spend it engrossed in my hobbies
alone in my room, and on the other hand, at work the member's start
various conversations, and we go to different places. Both are a source
of happiness for me, but maybe in experiencing them both I find a sort
of balance.  ... I've talked a lot, so is it okay if I just go to sleep
now? (laughs)

such a sweet ninomi!!!


Thanx a lot 4 translating & sharing it!
Luv ya!


HIhk hik hik hik
I can only read this one :(

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